October 31, 2023
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Quantalytix Proprietary Database Plays Pivotal Role in Ground-breaking Housing Study Published in Top 10 Real Estate Journal

Quatnalytix partners with Samford University and Mississippi State University to publish groundbreaking research in housing market.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quantalytix, the provider of cloud-based Enterprise Bank Management (EBM) software for financial institutions, announced today a partnership with academic researchers from Samford University and Mississippi State University to examine the secondary market effects from securitization, specifically the mortgage securitization process by Ginnie Mae (GNMA). Quantalytix developed a proprietary database that collected and analyzed mortgage market data aggregated to lenders and originators.

Data provided by Quantalytix ultimately yielded key research findings for the housing industry that may have long-run implications for investors and taxpayers in the event of default. The final article, “Risk in Loan Pools of GNMA-Guaranteed Securities: Evidence from Bank and Non-Bank MBS Issuers,” coauthored by Medical Properties Trust Fellow and Associate Professor of Finance Rusty Yerkes of Samford; Mississippi State Assistant Professor of Finance Brian Blank; and Robert W. Warren Chair of Real Estate Finance and Professor Mike Highfield, also of Mississippi State, was published in a top 10 real estate journal, the Journal of Housing Research.

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